Offline Converters (OLC)


Offline converters are directly connected to the grid via a general purpose outlet (GPO). Generally the voltage can range from 85 to 265VAC with a frequency variation of 45 to 65Hz. The output of these devices is DC with a choice of voltages between 1.5 to 400VDC. Popular output voltages include 12, 24, 36, 48 and 110VDC.

Trisan Australia designs and manufactures these devices in the power range of 50 to 2500 Watts. Higher power ranges are possible by parallel or series configuration of these devices.

We provide these devices to a broad range of industrial and commercial concerns including telecommunications, power utilities, mining, rail infrastructure and companies requiring customised devices.

Designs are upgraded every 18 months driven by technology advances and costs.

The most common units include:  OLC 75, 150, 300, 500, 850, 1200, 1500 and 2500.