PROTAG TPL 3-Phase Leakage Adaptor

Sole Distributor - EMONA Instruments Pty Ltd.


The device consists of an LCD display to view actual leakage current and battery voltage. If leakage current exceeds the threshold safety limit the display will flash and a FAIL will be indicated. If the battery voltage drops below a defined level, ‘Low Battery’ indication will appear. Replace battery at this point, do not continue to test or possible inaccuracy will result. A switch is used to turn on and off the device by momentarily holding down the button. The unit will stay on for approximately 5 minutes, an internal led will flash for 1 minute and the unit will shut down to save battery power. If one pushes the button again within this period a further 5 minutes will be added to the shutdown time. To measure leakage current safely and accurately one must conduct earth resistance test first on the appliance under test. Earth continuity is important for the conduction of leakage current, without such no leakage current will be measured with this 3 phase leakage current adaptor.