The TRISAN S8/DL is a portable appliance tester developed over 30 years. These testers are designed to test the electrical strength and continuity of insulation and protective earth in portable appliances to satisfy that the item is electrically safe to use. The tester complies with Australian standards including AS/NZS3760 and AS/NZS601010.1 to maximise operator safety.

The TRISAN S8/DL tester platform is the manufacturers brand upon which other customised equipment are derived from, namely the Trio SafeTcheck range.

Features include Class I and II insulation and leakage current testing, RCD testing and 3 phase leakage current testing (optional). This tester can be upgraded to support data logging (DL) which is supplied with manufacturer's database reporting utility.

Supporting Services: Calibration, routine maintenance, repair and upgrade

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