Weldmatic W19 Wirefeeder

Manufactured, designed and serviced by Trisan Australia Pty Ltd.

The W19-10 wire feed control circuit board is a microprocessor based circuit which employs pulse width modulation to control the speed of the wire feed motor.

Inputs to the circuit are:

  • AC Supply 32 Volts +/- 10%, protected by a 5 amp circuit breaker
  • Gun switch contact, normally open
  • Reed switch welding current sensor
  • On-board potentiometer settings for Wirespeed, Pre and Post gas time
  • On-board press buttons for Inch, Purge, Latch mode and Creep start mode
  • Provision for remote speed control potentiometer 1Kohm

Note: The circuit automatically defaults to the remote potentiometer when one is fitted.

Outputs from the circuit are:

  • Nom. 0-24 volts DC motor drive
  • Nom. 30 volts DC gas solenoid valve supply
  • Triac clouser to energise 32 volt AC contactor in welding power source
  • Open-collector transistor to control on/off of optional pull motor circuit

On-board adjustments are:

  • Maximum motor speed calibration, which should be set for 144 rpm
  • Burnback time, set as required